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EFFLEURER by Citnas by Citnas EFFLEURER by Citnas :iconcitnas:Citnas 1 1 Lady Light by Citnas Lady Light :iconcitnas:Citnas 0 0 Interpreter by Citnas Interpreter :iconcitnas:Citnas 1 0 Anime group photo by Citnas Anime group photo :iconcitnas:Citnas 1 0
LevixReader My Superior part 1 Levi's POV
Here I was, sitting in the messhall sipping my tea peacefully, surrounded by rowdy squad leaders as Hanji excitedly spewed out pointless words about titans; even though none of her words were sinking in.
Everyone around me produced muffled background noise as I enjoyed the company of my own thoughts. I scoffed at their ignorance; ignoring them all, I remembered back to the first time I ever saw the dear General (f/n).
It was shortly after Erwin had brought me to the Survey Corps, at the time I had no real intention of sticking around. I had left my companions to do their chores as I went for a stroll around the compound; in search for something of interest.
When it occurred to me that I had already circled the area twice I found myself leaning against a wall in an area that was "out of bounds" for cadets. The wall faced a field of luscious green grass and in the distance I could see a single solemn tree covered in blooming flowers; the time of year was Spring, of course.
I didn't
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Attack on Titan(Shingeki No Kyojin) Lolita Cosplay by Citnas Attack on Titan(Shingeki No Kyojin) Lolita Cosplay :iconcitnas:Citnas 3 5 Mikasa by Citnas Mikasa :iconcitnas:Citnas 0 0 The Elder Scrolls Online Duel Screen Wallpaper 3 by Citnas The Elder Scrolls Online Duel Screen Wallpaper 3 :iconcitnas:Citnas 0 0 The Elder Scrolls Online Duel Screen Wallpaper 2 by Citnas The Elder Scrolls Online Duel Screen Wallpaper 2 :iconcitnas:Citnas 1 0 The Elder Scrolls Online Duel Screen Wallpaper 1 by Citnas The Elder Scrolls Online Duel Screen Wallpaper 1 :iconcitnas:Citnas 3 0
LevixReader His Superior UPDATE DETAILS
Hello friends and fans!
Just want to mention that I've updated my last fanfic "LevixReader His Superior".
It now comes with a few links to songs that match my interpretation of the story.
If you haven't read it yet, I think you'll love it no matter what :)
and if you HAVE read it already, I found it nice to read it again with the music this time around.
Thank you very much, hope to see you around next time when I post my art relating to this fanfic OR when I post the next version of it.
"LevixReader My Superior ~ Levi's POV"
*wink wink*
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LevixReader His Superior part 10 FINAL
If you like to listen to classical music while reading I have linked 2 songs that match my interpretation of the story for you to follow along with :) Just let them play through, it doesn't matter where they start or end.

Tonight was the night.
I was sitting on the edge of my bed, it was mid-afternoon and the sun was gently warming my bare shoulders. My mind was wandering as I stared down at my hideousness. The bandages were gone and all that was left was a couple deep, bloodied channels that wrapped around my legs; I had chunks of my flesh missing in a spiral formation. The nurse had given me a pair of special bandage-like leggings that would hug to my form to keep pressure on the wounds while still allowing them to breathe; I pulled them on, flinching every couple inches.
When I was finished dressing myself I sighed; it was almost depressing knowing that I could never show off
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LevixReader His Superior part 9
If you like to listen to classical music while reading I have linked 2 songs that match my interpretation of the story for you to follow along with :) Just let them play through, it doesn't matter where they start or end.

For the next two weeks I was bedridden, I would have my bandages changed daily, take medication and pain killers once every 6 hours and be checked on twice a day by Levi. I had recovered enough to spend my time doing reports while sitting in bed, which I continued to do all day every day; I still had a job to do. I had a few people visit me every so often to wish me well; it was nice to think that so many of them cared enough to drop by and see how I was doing.
When all the reports from the last expedition were finished I was transferred from the Infirmary to my own room where I’d stay until I could walk again. It was hard recovering, and lonely; as much as I wa
:iconcitnas:Citnas 2 3
LevixReader His Superior part 8
If you like to listen to classical music while reading I have linked 2 songs that match my interpretation of the story for you to follow along with :) Just let them play through, it doesn't matter where they start or end.

For a moment, I felt, nothing.
The world was peaceful, and silent.
I felt like I was floating, in nothingness.
All I could see was darkness, but it was nice.
I sighed heavily.
Inhaling, I felt the air pass through me like the breeze in a forest.
I felt so warm, and comfortable.
And then, I heard it.
The voice of an angel.
My mother had once told me, that angels helped you find your way to heaven.
An angel, would guide you with their beautiful voice, while holding your hand.
They would guard you on your journey, with their wings spread wide.
"It's going to be okay."
The angel reassured me.
I sighed again; so relaxed.
I held onto the angels hand and let them take me.
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LevixReader His Superior part 7
If you like to listen to classical music while reading I have linked 2 songs that match my interpretation of the story for you to follow along with :) Just let them play through, it doesn't matter where they start or end.

In the coming days I spent every waking moment in the forest where I had played hide and seek with Levi; this time, I wasn’t playing games and I wasn’t napping in the sun like I usually would. I had my climbing gloves on and wore my special performance uniform that no other person in the military owned; it was made for me, made for the way I fought.
Instead of the usual white pants that every military dog wore I had specially made dark brown jeans that fit tightly to my legs, for if I were to have a leg injury the pants would create enough pressure to stop blood loss. Instead of my white button-up fine shirt and cravat I wore a dark green water-proof hoode
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LevixReader His Superior part 6
If you like to listen to classical music while reading I have linked 2 songs that match my interpretation of the story for you to follow along with :) Just let them play through, it doesn't matter where they start or end.

After accidentally hearing Levi confessing his feelings for me indirectly I had quieted down and my rage was hard to find. It had been a few hours after my outburst had begun, it was now dark outside and I was laying in my bath by candle light surrounded by steam and bubbles. The two men outside my bedroom door had become silent giving me some time to think to myself, but the time didn’t last long. Hanji had warily knocked on my door, if she were acting normal she would have just stormed in. I didn’t reply, I didn’t want to be disturbed; I was enjoying being alone for the first time in a while.
My peacefulness would have lasted if it weren’t fo
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Fun and Games II [Levi x Reader]
You winced as a cloud of stream erupted from the titan hand you had cleaved off with a single swipe of your blade, and quickly set about measuring its mass defect. After a brainstorm Hanji and you had decided the best manner of determining where exactly titans gained their mass from was to remove pieces and see how they regrew.
It had always fascinated your in a morbid fashion, the titans' ability to grow back their limbs like a lizard, and Hanji couldn't stand to harm her captured test subjects. This left you as chief chopper, and Hanji averting her eyes and recording your measurements whilst moaning apologies to her titans. Any other time you would have laughed at her hijinks, however despite her avid pleas for forgiveness, you were finding it hard to overlook her part in the Levi debacle.
You cringed and swiped off the other arm, clenching your teeth at the memory of Levi's moronic attempt at a prank. And even worse, your own moronic reaction.
'I do not love Levi', you began the cha
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Fun and Games [Levi x Reader]
A crash rang out through the lofty corridors, followed by a familiar roar of rage and indignation. You let out a victory cry and whooped, enjoying the momentary silence from down the hallway. You could practically feel the seething waves of hate radiating through the door. Chuckling madly, you legged it.
"[Lastname]!" A voice hollered, and somewhere behind you heard a door fly open, rapid footsteps behind you.
Twisting quickly you saw Levi half marching half sprinting after you, covered from head to toe in green paint. The sight made you cackle louder and double your speed through the halls, the terrifying thrill of having Levi chasing you sending adrenaline pumping through your veins.
Oh how you loved to wind him up.
Having trained alongside him in your days as cadets you'd known him for years, yet whilst he'd risen to the rank of Captain you'd barely scraped above the role of squad leader. Not that you were bothered. You were still alive. Not many others who had been in the survey co
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Free Icon - Iron Helm by thetauche Free Icon - Iron Helm :iconthetauche:thetauche 60 17
Levi x Reader - LIVES - Chapter One
Life One
Chapter One
You remember the exact moment you saw him, soaring through the underground. To you-- it was magical. The way his ebony hair whipped across his face, the perfected and eloquent movements he made, the determination in his dark silvery eyes, it was all somewhat ethereal, even though the nature of his acts were violent. There was something about him that just drew you toward him, you had to know him.
Running, you were running as fast as you could. The air in your lungs beginning to thicken as you grew tired, almost as if you were inhaling needles.The adrenaline rushing through your system was beginning to wear off. You looked behind you and you could see how close they were as you slowed down. You swiped to the left in an effort to evade or confuse them, but you weren’t quite familiar with this area, and you ended up at a dead end. ‘shit...
:iconaerrowind:aerrowind 3 1
LeviXReader- Chapter 2: Angel from the Outside
Chapter two
(General warning about language and things)
*3 days after Levi found you sleeping in the hall*
Gloomily, you pushed your food around your plate and heaved a sigh.  You noticed around the table the worried glances shot at you by your friends, but you pretended to ignore them all the same.  It was hard to be your happy go-lucky self at the moment for a few reasons.
One: You were still incredibly pissed at Jean for slathering you with mud before having to serve the corporal his tea. Hell, you had to clean the shitheads ceiling! His ceiling!!  (You shot a glare at Jean at this thought, who yelped and hid behind Sasha. You knew your friend felt terrible about it, but you just couldn’t get over it.
Two: You were mad at Sasha for throwing that little ‘party’ in your guy’s room to ‘make you feel better’ about cleaning the captain’s ceiling. Which led to the third reason.
Three: You were avoiding Corporal Levi at
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 112 48
Legend of the Poro King Pixel Icons by LilMissSunBear Legend of the Poro King Pixel Icons :iconlilmisssunbear:LilMissSunBear 518 48
LeviXReader- Chapter 1: Angel from the Outside
Chapter one
Levi stood impassively as the cadets rushed past him, one by one, flying through the trees.  For their practice session that day, he decided they should race, from one end of the training forest and back. The winner got to skip their regular chores for the rest of the day.
From the branch where he stood, which was the starting/finish line, Levi watched as Kirstein zoomed past him in the lead, closely followed by Mikasa and Sasha.
“Get back here horse face!” he heard Sasha yell as she swung herself into the lead, letting out a yell of delight.
Tiredly, Levi stretched and sat down on the branch to wait for the cadets return, eyes widening slightly in surprise when he heard someone’s gear. There’s no way those brats are done already he thought to himself when he saw a [h/c] blur flash before him.
“Goooooooooood morning Captain Levi!” he heard you called back to him as you flew past his branch. “Sorry I’m late but I c
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 78 17
Decisions -Ch. 1- (Levi X Reader)
The thick air of the underground capital smelt of iron and filth, a scent that you were somewhat too familiar with. You couldn't help but gawk at the near dead bodies below, noticing the fresh and old blood that splatted across the stone roads.
But none of that currently mattered, because your division has just locked onto their target. Three  bodies swiftly glided through the dirty streets, occasionally risking the collision of residence below.
“Don’t lose sight of them, all units commence capture!” Squad Leader Erwin ordered, motioning his subordinates. Just as you almost closed the distance, the group of three swung around a convenient rock pillar. Strategies and tactics initiated in your mind. Your colleagues effortlessly followed their smart actions, causing the one with ebony hair to observe their movements, yet he still continued on without glitch.
“They're going to change formation sooner or later-" Your inner thoughts were interrupted. As you suspe
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All Shall Fade P2 (Levi X Reader X Eren)
You stretched your arms above your head as you lay back in the stable, your horse munching happily on the last of the food you brought as you hummed to yourself with half closed eyes. A sigh escaping your parted lips.
"You could have killed him." A voice hummed to you as you continued stretching unfazed by Levi's sudden voice as his face appeared in front of your horses stall earing a snorted hello from the horse who recognised the short males scent.
"I didn't though." You replied, your (e/c) eyes fully closing as you breathed out softly through slightly parted lips.
"Because I stopped you." He quipped back.
"Yeah..." You sighed as you felt his glance sharpen at the comment, he knew if you wanted to kill the titan shifter he could do nothing about it; the only reason you stopped was due to not wanting to dirty your hands with blood for no reason.
"You're still difficult to understand." He clicked with a 'tch' causing a hint of a smile as you sat up, your eyes now fully open as you watc
:iconlifeofmyimagination:LifeOfMyImagination 15 3
LevixReader: All For a Cause - Year Three (Pt. 2)
“Corporal.” You said carefully as you sharpened the blade of your sword. “Is it true there will be an expedition?”
Levi looked up sharply at you. “And where did you hear that?”
“Something that Hanji said…” You replied after a moment, training your eyes at the blade.
“Of course. Hanji.” Levi said in a half-exasperated, half-irritated voice. “Well, yes. There will be. At the end of a year.”
“That’s four months away.” You said, keeping your voice calm.
“And?” Levi asked, also keeping his voice steady.
“I believe the preparation for the expedition itself will begin a month beforehand?” You continued, now examining your sharpened blade.
A shadow suddenly moved over you.
“State your thoughts in a simpler way, _______. I’m losing my patience.” Levi said in a dangerously quiet tone.
You took a deep breath and carefully lowered your sword. “Since I am f
:iconweronikus:Weronikus 10 2
Dancing Personalities (Reader x Various AOT)
“I’m not going.” You glared at the group of girls in front of you, pleading eyes of Krista and Sasha as you returned to your book.
“Aww come on (Name), let loose a little!” Hanji appeared behind them as you glared at the mad-scientist, whenever she got involved something bad was going to happen. You sighed as you leant your head on your hand, your (h/c) hair tied back as you watched them with unimpressed (e/c) orbs.
“Why should I go?” You muttered distastefully.
“It’s the only chance we get for a party, especially with dancing and food and decorations!” Christa exclaimed clapping her hands excitedly together as she pierced you with her angelic blue eyes, how could you refuse such a look.
“Fine. I don’t get why we are having a party anyway...” You hung your head in defeat as even Ymir smiled fully at your final acceptance of going with them. It was all they had been talking about all week and you really didn
:iconlifeofmyimagination:LifeOfMyImagination 74 13
Tactile Miracle (LevixReader) Part 2
Levi’s own eyes widened; could you actually feel him? He remembered when he had found out about your abnormality; it was before you had become a Squad Leader, and it was during an evaluation, in which your superiors made sure all the cadets’ skills were up to par, that you had gotten hurt in a crazy accident. You were part of the morning group, and not only had you not noticed getting cut by a tree branch, but a careless cadet had made an attempt to show off with a poorly effectuated spinning move, and had spun out of control and straight towards you, slicing his swords across your back and your right thigh. He had called after you, the cadet, but you hadn’t heard, and had completed the rest of the course, ending up top of your group. You met Hanji at the end of the Titan dummy forest, where you passed out from blood loss that you hadn’t even realized, extremely confused as to why. Later in the infirmary, you woke up bandaged, weak, and with a crowd of your supe
:iconcherryflood:cherryflood 2 2
Erwin Smith Potrait by Brilcrist Erwin Smith Potrait :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,652 128
Hange's plan.| Levi x reader Chp 7
After that night with Levi you expected something to change. You weren't sure what to think about that innocent kiss on your cheek, but it must have meant something... Right?
Wrong. Nothing has changed. Everything seems to be the way it used to be. Levi was acting as usual, as if 'it' never happened. ''He was just being friendly. It was nothing. Stop overreacting and grow up'' were the things you kept telling yourself. However your feelings never changed towards the Corporal, and sometimes it was hard being around him.
You weren't the only one who noticed nothing has changed. A particular person who may or may not have seen what happened between you and the Corporal was also disappointed with the fact that nothing has happened after that night. That person was Hange Zoë. She knew that Levi had a thing for you, and that you had a thing for him. Her goal was to get you two to be in a relationship, but so far her plans didn't quite work out.
At first she tried making Levi jealous. Sh
:iconsnkbunny:SNKBunny 2 2
LeviXReader - Little Bird
LeviXReader – Little Bird
This is for Attackonfanfiction's November Reader Insert contest.
Little bird who stared at the sky
Wonder why he couldn’t fly
There in the endless blue heavens above
With all his friends who were care free white doves.

His fingers drummed against the wooden table. The shallow tea that was left in his cup quivered off the walls to each tap of his crooked fingers. He watched the ripples and how they deformed his reflection and how they moved like the waves lapping at the shores of a lake.
There was a woman, however, who watched from his side. She sat there right next to him in a chair identical to his. Wooden knots and kinks popped out of the four wooden legs. She watched the exhausted man live out his hellish nightmare memories.
Maybe she should say something? He had said once that the sound of her voice alone could sooth him into a peaceful night of sleep. But yet the man hasn
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